Project Management / Assistance
Starting / Updating HECP program
Starting / Updating Safety program
Generating / Updating electrical drawings, AutoCAd, Microstation
Investigation of control problems
Short term or long term projects


Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering
Masters Electrical Engineering
Masters Engineering Administration

PE State of Illinois
PE State of North Carolina


Programming of PLC, design of automation controls, upgrade of control systems,
Teaching controls at local College,
Inergrating new controls with existing plant systems.
Replacement of control system to combine five coal fired boiler into one system
Replacement of control system for 200MW coal fired boiler
Review of new equipment control systems; USA, Germany, Italy and Switzerland

Plant modifications to convert to medical facility
Installation of major equipment supplied by US and European suppliers.
Modification of plant to have room for new equipment
Worked with engineers in Japan, Germany, Italy and Switzerland to insure projects will comply with US standards

Converting industry, printing and lamination
Custom supplier of automated manufcturing machines
Fiber industry
Power Industry, Plant Engineer for two 200 mw coal fired Boilers
Electronic design of power supplies, printed circuit boards, digital control (RTL,TTL,CMOS)
Manufacturing Engineer for main producer of Two-Way Radios.
Medical Research

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