2004- Consultaing Engineer, Energy studies for a major community college and for a small manufacturing company. Electrical drawing for commercial buildings.

2001-2004 Maintenance Project Engineer, Printpack, Worked in specifications of new new 5 million dollar printing press. Check out of press in Italy and final assembly in Germany. Worked on 12 million dollar plant expansion of Hendersonville plant. Generation of CAD drawings of plant equipment, parts and building. Training of maintenance Associates, Upgrade existing equipment. HECP standards for all plant equipment. ISO database in MP2.

2000 Consulting/Contract Engineer, Certified electrical drawings for new building construction, Control upgrades, New automated systems. Maintenance procedures and training of maintenance crews for converting machinery. Review operation of existing converting laminating machine to resolve production problems. CAD drawings. College instructor.

1998-2000 Control Engineering Manager, Hanson Welding Machines, Fletcher NC, Report to owner. Design control systems for a one of a kind automation systems. Indexing tables, Servo controls, PLC programming, pick and place, panel design, and HMI devices. Installation and start up of equipment in Puerto Rico. Training assistance in Mexico. Projects from 2K to 500K.

1996-1998 Project Engineer, American National Can, Arden NC, Reported to plant Engineer. Worked on 14 million dollar expansion project to upgrade the existing converting facility into a production plant for medical products. Trip to Switzerland and Italy for checkout of new equipment. Organized plant drawings, PLC systems, designed test equipment, involved with maintenance and operations training.

1995 Consulting Engineer at BASF, Morganton NC, reporting to special projects supervisor. Brought plant into compliance with OSHA 1910, Process Safety Management. Organize drawings and equipment files. Generated equipment, PFDs and P&ID drawings using Intergraph CAD. Work with outside vendor to conduct non-destructive vessel testing.

1995-1996 College Instructor. Instructed night classes in PLC Programming and Industrial Controls at A-B Technical College.

1989-1994 Design Engineer Leader I. BASF, Enka NC, reporting to Instrument Supervisor. Supervised engineers and CAD operators for corporate engineering projects for BASF fiber plants. Awarded Corporate Engineering Excellence in Quality Award in 1993 for cost reduction suggestions and better project management. Integrating a new process developed by BASF Germany with US design standards. Generating loop sheets using Intergraph CAD. Resulted in projected reduction of 1440 project man-hours. Engineering and purchasing meetings in Germany. Reviewed engineering feasibility of a joint venture with a Japanese company. Technical meetings in Japan and the US. Designed control system, selected instruments and supervised start-up of a research pilot plant. Resulted in a system that increased product rates by 150% with a consistently controllable and documented process. Upgraded powerhouse with new 1200 point DCS control.

1979-1989 Senior Engineer / Plant Engineer. Carolina Power & Light, Asheville NC. Reported to Engineering Supervisor. Supervised Engineers, Laboratory and Drafting group. Specified, purchased and supervised construction to replace entire Unit 1 combustion controls system, control panel and field devices; change accomplished in a 6 week outage. Redesigned pumping system to reduce pump failure. Resulted in $50,000 cost saving and extended the life of the pump from six months to over three years. Established drafting and records storage group for all existing and new plant drawings. Resulted in the timely updating of drawings.

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